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anti hero skateboards

While the ABEC 7 CCS bearings are just ABEC 7s, they’re pretty solid for the grade. Coming in at 8.5″-wide, it’s bigger than a standard skateboard. Well, now’s the time for something a bit more…um….unusual. 11 Best Anti Hero Skateboards: The Ultimate List (2018), Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Made of the same kind of urethane as many of the popular brands, they’re a similar quality…at a fraction of the price. They’re a very classic size, perfect for quick acceleration, without too much overall speed. So, you can confidently hit a trick, or tackle the open road. Next, you’ll notice the 52mm TGM wheels.

But, it’s not a necessity. But, there’s something the specs don’t show you: What the Skate Shank line is all about. In the same vein as the Classic Eagle from above, this complete’s loaded up with 52mm 99A wheels. Its traditional popsicle shape, and 7-ply construction, work together to give you some massive pop. Anti-Hero Skateboards have been a solid choice since their introduction to the industry, in 1995. As a powerhouse rider, you need this Anti-Hero skateboard. Flip it over, and you’ll see this bad boy’s decked out in CCS skateboard parts. Technically, any skill-level would benefit from owning this skateboard.

For the price, you’re not only receiving one of the best Anti-Hero skateboard completes, but it costs around the same as some of the other decks we’ve looked at. Trucks: Tensor Magnesium

Owing to their “lightest on the market” assertion, they’re the basis for quick progression. Ultimately, though, this gives you total control over how you ride. While there are a number of Anti-Hero decks that fit the bill, the Kanfoush Gulo really takes the cake.

In conjunction with the grip tape, your feet should stay where you plant them. Trucks: CCS 139mm Raw trucks Measuring in at just 52mm, they’re definitely on the smaller-side. We’ve seen a number of hilarious, to downright weird graphics–they’re certainly not lacking in creativity. While they’re not tip-top-grade, they’re a solid set, that’ll tackle whatever you throw at them. Happy Birthday Jeff! A standard popsicle shape, provides that well-loved super poppy feeling. Trucks: 139mm CCS While they’re just ABEC 5s, Amphetamines are some of the better bearings on the market.

Take it from pool, to a vert, and out on the street. Antihero Skateboards Antihero Skateboards é uma marca de shapes para Skate, foi fundada por Julien Stranger na metade dos anos 90. The list could go on-and-on, but you get the idea: Top pro riders love Anti-Hero skateboards.

Seu logo principal é uma grande aguia. Wait…isn’t Dawg Shit one of Anti-Hero’s subsidiaries?

While these are awesome parts, you do have to set-up the skateboard yourself.

What that means for you, is more stability as a rider. Bushings: Made in USA Moreover, they increase the life of your deck, by reducing the risk of pressure cracks.

Deck Material: 7-ply 100% North American Maple By using a high-quality wood press, they don’t discriminate between decks-for-pros and decks-for-average-Joes–everyone rides the same freakin’ thing.

While they’re only a 5, they do a solid job, and have been lubricated with a light synthetic oil, for even more smoothness.

The CCS wheels are a standard 52mm. Shape: Slightly-wider nose, medium-concave

So, what really makes an Anti-Hero a solid “yes”?

The Budget Cut gives you room to play, across many types of terrain. Grip Tape: Black Diamond

That means they’re hard enough to tackle tricks, and provide quick acceleration.

What better way to honor the awesomeness that is an Anti-Hero, than to go with their OG deck? Wheels: 52mm TGM

Most skateboard completes arrived fully-assembled. Seus vídeos e a equipe de skatistas antiga e também atual, colocam a marca dentre as mais importantes da história do Skate. COVID-19: Funcionamento da Matriz Online durante a quarentena, Matriz Franquias LTDA EPP - CNPJ 18.199.576/0001-95, MOLETOM VOLCOM X ANTI-HERO PULLOVER HOODIE.

The 52mm TGM wheels are a solid set that’ll take anything you throw their way.

Risers: 1/8″. This part raises the overall height of the board, in order to mitigate wheel bite.

CCS Blue Steel Bearings are everything you could want out of an ABEC 7. As the width of a board increases, the stability also improves. It’s not the smallest at 8.38″, but there are a good number that are wider. Anti-Hero was created as a reflection the dichotomy between what the current state of skateboarding looked like, and what it should look like.

Shape: Popsicle No Thanks.

Width: 8.5″ As an aggressive rider, you don’t want something that looks minimalist or lame.

Nothing fancy, but they get the job done–and done well. In regards to the bushings, they’re a premium, high-rebound, which makes for super controlled, smooth turns. The announcement was made on their homepage. In every single deck, they use the exact same wood–this ensures succinctness across the board (haha–pun intended). Length: 31.8″ But, Anti-Heroes really take the cake.

With no-slip axles, and plenty of clearance, they can really take some abuse.

Boost cast leftover in your wallet, with a Budget Cut. It’s a great question you can ask most brands.

And regardless of ability, you’re not pigeon-holed into one riding style. Width: 8.5″

Which is why his signature weirdness makes a splash in this deck. Their lightweight nature renders you able to attempt things that tend to be much harder, when using a heavier set of trucks. But, if you’re super picky or are an expert-level skater, you might want to change them out. Making his way up through the European ranks, he’s finally piqued the American public’s interest, too. Instead, it’s meant to encourage you to let go of your fears, trust your skills, and stop being such a cautious Cathy. Whip out this complete, to whip your technical riding into shape.

While more-advanced riders may want to upgrade the bearings, it’s not a necessity right out-the-box. Trucks: Core trucks, Grade 8 steel kingpins & axles

So, it should come as no surprise that a skateboard after his namesake is built to just plain rip it.

The rest of the board, though, is anything but standard.

I actually spit out my coffee a bit, when I first encountered the artwork. Amphetamine ABEC 5 bearings are by far, the best bearings on the market. Anti-Hero’s, of course, is the Classic Eagle. More so than other boards on this list, that additional length really helps in the early-learning stages. In line with most park and street skateboards, it’s outfitted with 52mm 99A wheels.

Deck Material: Traditional 7-ply Similar to the Brian Anderson decks we covered above, this deck’s a bit wider-than-average.

In conjunction with the wheels, the bearings provide a smooth ride. Ok, so, that’s not exactly why they created this board, but it sure as heck fits into their philosophy: Freakin’ have fun. All of them are hand-crafted out of old skateboard decks and hand-picked blades, from Japan and Scandinavia. The trucks are that same 139mm CCS set-up, we’ve seen previously. They’ve never deviated from their original vision: Make skateboarding fun. I mean, playfully-sexual, with a strong dose of humor?

Anti-Hero’d be remiss not to use his talents. Risers: 1/8″.

Rather, people who love to hit the park and land tricks. That medium-concave keeps your feet solid on the board, providing that highly-sought-after feeling of balance. What makes this such a versatile board, is that you can hit the park, or shred the streets–you’re ready to tackle either environment. Take on everything from pools, to verts, and the street, regardless of skill-level.

Bearings: Amphetamine ABEC 5. Anti-Hero, of course, follows that same thought-process: Different lines, for different riders. Width: 8.75″

If you’re choosing to stay with me, here’s a quick rundown of what we’re covering: Get ready to dive into this awesome skateboard company’s past.

They are the king of collaborations, after all. While the bearings are solely an ABEC 5, they’re built with rubber serviceable shields, light synthetic oil, and Delrin crowns, to add some major smoothness. Thus, all boards are crafted with fun and feel in-mind. They’re not just for riding pretty, though. While technically billed as an all-level skateboard, it caters more towards advanced riders. This brand strives to improve technical skateboarding, and they really hit the mark.

Like the many of the Anti-Hero skateboards, this particular model’s the brainchild of pro, Brian Anderson. While ABEC 7s aren’t the best bearings on the planet, they do a solid job. While this can be good, you might be unaware of how to tune it, to your liking. Length: 32.38″ The not-too-busy, not-to-simple design is situated on the 7-ply Canadian maple deck. Shape: Full Let’s not waste anymore time, so the question is…. After all, skateboarding’s all about taking risks and trying new things–you need trucks that are built to last.

At 8.75″-wide, it’s definitely one of the best wide skateboards on this list. To see it in action, check out Daewong Song–dude’s insanely talented. One thing to consider: This set-up doesn’t come pre-assembled. These skateboarders, though, use them to their fullest-extent.

Antihero Skateboards: “Quantinium” 19 de setembro de 2020 19 de setembro de 2020 Sidney Arakaki Austin Kanfoush , Bino , Brian Anderson , Chris Pfanner , Daan Van Der Linden , Frank Gerwer , grant taylor , Martino Cattango , Peter Hewitt , Raney Beres , Tony Trujillo , Victor Pellegrin

Bearings: Amphetamine ABEC 5.

As you’d expect, the deck’s made with 7-ply maple, in a standard popsicle shape. Given the parts underneath, and the boards level of pop and stability, it’s built for some fun.

Thiebaud, an ex-Powell team member, and Stranger had similar feelings about the sport: It was growing more stale by the day–and they wanted to change that trend. I know, I know, he keeps showing up. They pair well with backpacks for skateboards, for easy travel and convenience. Their speciality is knives–not just any knives, though. Width: 8.25″

Wheels: 52mm 99A

Antihero Skateboards: Arbitrary Function. So, when you end up needing a replacement, you won’t break the bank, getting the same pair.

Length: 32.25″ They’re certainly not the highest-grade, but they are the best ABEC 5s on the market.

The Trujillo’s just one of a number of dazzling designs, in the Skate Shank line.

Deck Material: 7-ply North American maple Antihero Skateboards Fall 2019 Drop 3 Catalog. While Tensors are great for beginners, they’re ultimately a technical tool, for executing difficult tricks.

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