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ayanami class destroyer

NSE Gainer-Large Cap . Le 7 juin 1944, l'Hayanami est torpillé et coulé par le sous-marin USS Harder près de Tawi-Tawi, à 56 kilomètres à l'est de Bornéo, à la position géographique 4° 43′ N, 120° 03′ E. 208 hommes d'équipage décèdent dans cette attaque, 45 survivants sont sauvés par le destroyer Urakaze. [Wikipedia] Japanese destroyer Ayanami (1929), https://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=IJN_Ayanami&oldid=70132, Effective torpedoes for its battle rating, Outgunned within the range of secondaries by any other destroyer in the same BR. [5] Ayanami was laid down on 20 January 1928, launched on 5 October 1929 and commissioned on 30 April 1930. More about the Destroyer Ayanami-class destroyer.

At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Ayanami was assigned to Destroyer Division 19 of Desron 3 of the IJN 1st Fleet, and had deployed from Kure Naval District to the port of Samah on Hainan Island, escorting Japanese troopships for landing operations in the Battle of Malaya. At the end of February, Ayanami went to the assistance of Chōkai, which had run aground off Saigon as well. The Fubuki-class has three triple torpedo mounts of a 610 mm caliber. They are located in a rear-heavy configuration, bearing one turret in the front and two rear turrets in a super-firing configuration. It plays more of a support role, forcing the ship to expose its entire length to the enemy. These rebuilds increased their weight further to 2,000 tons, and over 2,400 with a full load. [6] Originally assigned hull designation “Destroyer No. She has a 16 mm of steel armour on her hull, 4 mm on her superstructure, and 3 mm over her main firing tower, which is average for a destroyer in the same BR. Nifty 11,214.05 13.9. L' Hayanami (早波?) The Ayanami class was a destroyer class built for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) in the late 1950s.The primary purpose was anti-submarine warfare, so this class was classified as "DDK" (hunter-killer anti-submarine destroyer) unofficially. The Ayanami class was a destroyer class built for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) in the late 1950s.

Her second remodel represents her performance during her final mission, a night battle where she formed a single 'prong' of a three-pronged attack alone (other prongs each contained a light cruiser and multiple destroyers), sank (or helped sink) three destroyers, heavily damaged a fourth, and assisted Kirishima in trading fire with a battleship, the USS South Dakota. There, she was attached to a scouting force under the command of Rear Admiral Shintarō Hashimoto in the light cruiser Sendai.

From 1940, she was assigned to patrol and covered landings of Japanese forces in south China. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, from 1937, Ayanami covered landing of Japanese forces in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Links to the articles on the War Thunder Wiki that you think will be useful for the reader, for example: © 2010—2020 by Gaijin Entertainment. Guns have two types of shells available: HE and HE-DF.

[3] The Fubuki class drastically improved upon previous destroyer designs; so much so that they were designated Special Type destroyers (特型, Tokugata). She and Shikinami wear a brown version of the Fubuki-class serafuku. Ayanami was first sighted by the American destroyer USS Walke, but the light cruiser Nagara was located soon after and the four destroyers' attentions shifted to it. More about the Destroyer Ayanami-class destroyer. In English they tend to all be lumped into the 'Fubuki class', though the Japanese called them the 'Special-type destroyers' (特型駆逐艦) There were two (or three, kind of, depending on how you count Uranami) variants/upgrades to … She has long brown hair in a sidetail. The primary purpose was anti-submarine warfare, so this class was classified as "DDK" (hunter-killer anti-submarine destroyer) unofficially. This sometimes leads to references to Gon-san. Lee's USS Washington then sighted Ayanami and shelled her. Overall it's a capable, well-rounded destroyer, trading secondary/anti-aircraft armament of most other destroyers for a better torpedo armament. Ayanami refers South Dakota as a "respectable opponent". Hmm. However, their heavyweight caused stability issues and after the Fourth Fleet Incident, they were rebuilt in 1935-1937 with more ballast, a slightly different bridge, and less gun and torpedo ammunition. When taking evasive action, the ship's turn rate is faster than the turret's targetting rate, requiring more steady course to re-adjust firing solution. Honeywell Auto 31,013.50 3701.05. https://warship-girls.fandom.com/wiki/Ayanami?oldid=19331. The Japanese destroyer sustained critical damage and 27 of her crew were killed; she fired one shell, which missed Washington. Torpedo and shellfire from Ayanami, Nagara, and Uranami sank two of the four destroyers (USS Preston and USS Walke), mortally wounded USS Benham (which was scuttled after the battle), and severely damaged USS Gwin, causing heavy American losses in the first phase of the battle. Fubuki-class is a good long-range combatant. Looking at the weak points of her layout, the primary gun turrets are very large and relatively easy to knock out, while hits amidship are very likely to knock out at least one torpedo mount and one of the engines. On her second remodel, her uniform becomes black with red stripes on white and she gains a searchlight. Second, middle launcher having relatively decent 66° firing arc and oriented towards rear of the ship is also fairly usable. with a battle rating of 4.0 (AB/RB/SB). Ayanami sank soon due to severe damage and explosions induced by torpedoes.

Her 221 crew count is also average. When American Admiral Willis A. Lee's Task Force 64 was spotted near Savo Island, Hashimoto took his ships clockwise around the island, but sent Ayanami alone in the opposite direction sweeping for enemy vessels.

Ayanami class destroyer News and Updates from The Economictimes.com. In August 1942, she was designated to the Guadalcanal and joined the Third Battle of Solomon Sea, in which she dealt damage to at least 4 warships of U-country including battleship South Dakota. The hull and keel of the ship appear to have been broken by a starboard torpedo blast just behind the bridge; the ship came to rest in two pieces, with the stern upright, and the bow twisted and lying on its starboard side.

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