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style savvy: styling star

For instance, a customer might want an entire outfit that gives a lively vibe. When she returns, I’m going to try the “Feminine” style, which is slightly less frilly and has more mature looking slacks and blouses.

StyleUps with Influencers . When your customers don’t have meaningful preferences, it becomes much less satisfying to help them. Everything you need to know about and expect during, the most important election of our lifetimes. For the former kind of request, stuff like, “I want something with a flower pattern,” Styling Star has included a “Search By Request” button for searching your inventory.

Head over to the Style Boutique 3 Demo Overview if you would like to see what's included in the demo. 1 on 1 bite size styling sessions with the trendiest fashionistas!

You can use amiibo with it, but you can use any amiibo and all you get for it as an emblem which kinda looks out of place in the rest of the game. When the praise lacks specificity, like they usually do in the hair salon and beautician’s, it rings a little hollow. 9

Tired of hawking clothes? 01 Every store has a button to select the brand representative’s recommendations and add those to the cart. There's small things but overall this game is a disappointment.

There is a wide variety of clothes within each brand, and sometimes clothing in a brand will overlap with different styles.

Sure, they’re not really people. 01

Start by taking our fun body type quiz (takes under 1 minute!) She was wearing a pale blue dress and a pink cardigan, with a light blue sunhat. Still, even though I knew I was playing a game, it meant a lot when I saw how I’d help these characters in their lives, and to be thanked for it.

She’s not a real person, but I kind of got to know her, and over the course of the game she actively changed. The game will throw you other, shorter stories with other characters in between. A gem of a game, combining fun fashion, addictively creative gameplay, and brilliantly quirky writing into a truly engaging ensemble. If this was on the Switch I would be playing it, but I really just can’t go back to the 3DS.

amiibo™ figures and cards let you use Nintendo emblems and patterns! As mentioned before, there’s no real story to speak of. After over thirty hours of transforming people in Style Savvy, and remembering all the times a compliment on my outfit brightened my day, I’m a bit more convinced that clothing can be magical. In this case, you’ll probably want to kit them out with items from a clothing brand that’s associated with liveliness. Customers at the boutique usually have specific requests, or barring that, specific tastes in clothes. So back to games like Dream Girlfriend, Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen, or hell, Love Live! The results? Syn Sophia Customer requests quickly become complex, requiring quite a bit more thought on the player’s part. Open a showroom where players who have the game can go online and wear These claims were supported by Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, with him going on to state that Nintendo were interested in bringing back 3DS franchises to bolster interest in the Nintendo Switch Lite. Style Savvy is a series of games about running a boutique. - Platform(s) A few missteps — including the absence of stereoscopic 3D and a less lively city — means it won’t render its predecessors passé, but we love the unique personality this latest entry brings to the series, applying its trademark fashion-as-magic motif to the music industry with sparkling results.

It’s your responsibility to make sure you keep a good supply of the game’s fictional brands, which range in style from frilly and girly to punk to incredibly expensive high fashion. Thanks to the in-game fashion handbook

© 2017 Nintendo. When I gave a makeover to Alina’s equally nerdy friend Melvin, he thanked me for giving him a renewed sense of confidence. The player is responsible for choosing fashion items or full outfits that fit the specifications given by the customer. In general, Styling Star makes the day to day gameplay just a little bit less of a slog than previous games. Share your ideas online with other players and take the fashion One of the biggest delights of having a 3DS is being secure in the knowledge that Nintendo is a publisher that specializes in a wide variety of games. 1 on 1 bite size styling sessions with the trendiest fashionistas!

Can be shallow and repetitive outside of the boutique. I’ve seen every brand, every haircut and hair color, every type of lipstick and eyeshadow. JP

In Style Savvy: Styling Star, the player inherits a fashion boutique from her uncle, Tim. It’s always fun to dress people in cute outfits, but Styling Star helps you see how these fashion choices affect their lives. Hire a female or male personal assistant who can help organize your Never thought I'd find a game about Fashion this fun - my friend recommended it and I thought they were having a joke.

The best thing about the newest Style Savvy isn’t the cute outfits or the glamorous fantasy. consult a salon, cosmetic store, and menswear store, while designing

You can also set up photoshoots and share pics via the Nintendo

for me. But telling them to try something on could backfire on you if they don’t like your choice, and they’ll most likely leave without buying anything. 3DS Whenever you visit the exhibition hall to restock your clothing, you also get each item you buy for your personal wardrobe. based on Not only do you shape their looks, your choices as stylist end up determining what kinds of songs they’ll sing.

Because of that, even when customers come in with the same request, you can give them a different answer.

and hair in this fully outfitted game with 20,000+ fashion items to In them, you have to stock a store and then sell clothing to customers. Ready for a Change? Will fresh-off-the-farm Rosie go with her familiar girly look or turn into a rocker?

Styling Star (Screenshot via Kotaku Review) Even with the functionality of the DS original not as it used to be with online services shut down, it’s still worth trying out. Style Star: Styling Star

You can always do things the longer, more tedious way, but there are some welcome new options to save you some frustration. It was first released for Nintendo 3DS systems in Japan on 2nd November 2017, followed by in Europe on 24th November 2017 and Australia & New Zealand on 25th November 2017. your career takes off, you'll hire an assistant for your shop and As their stylist, I created the outfits they wear, and it was kind of cool to know that the pop stars in my game of Style Savvy: Styling Star don’t look like anyone else’s. Rosie, Yolanda and Alina have made their debuts at music festivals, clubs and fairs, and they’ve even teamed up into a super group.

And that’s where Styling Star comes in.

Release Date(s)

using the in-game mobile phone, and check out their performances! Judy, for example, first came to my shop wearing the “Bold” style—think a lot of leopard print and leather. Meet Your Style Mentor.

If you've played Fashion Forward then there's no real reason to play this one.

Email This BlogThis! customers a breeze. The money received by the player can be used to buy more stock items for the boutique, or can be spent on hair, makeup, nails, or other miscellaneous items for the player's home or store. The world and these characters are a reflection of how customizable the game wants to be. Styling Star removes those contests, and instead, after you’re gifted a boutique from your uncle Tim, you end up being a stylist for three up and coming pop stars. This one woman keeps coming in and asking me for beige pants. She was absolutely enamored with the outcome, with nary a complaint or remark about sporty socks being worn with fancy heels.

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