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eidolon 5e

Eidolons were a form of undead construct that were designed for the sole purpose of protecting a site considered sacred or important to a deity or archdevil. The Quadruped can also serve as a mount, which makes it very easy for the summoner to remain adjacent to the Eidolon to share spells.

So eidolons can be good, they can be evil, and they can be neutral. On the fringes of Dal Quor, dreamscapes pop into and out of existence as mortal minds dream and wake.

Divine Protection. Once per long rest, you can magically punch a target for 1d8 + your Strength modifier damage. Scared is just a mistranslated bit from the video due to the software involved. Origin

Max. Their presentations exuded joy, humour and insight, and their love for what they were doing was obvious. Alignment Sentinel Eidolons are guardians, typically of a specific person or place, that boast magical capabilities of protecting their allies. Adam Lee: The pictures in Mordenkainen's is of Moloch, a statue of Moloch which appears on the player's handbook, the first edition player's handbook. 3e At its core an eidolon was an incorporeal undead divine spirit that could fight either as a spirit, or by inhabiting sacred statues in the vicinity. No two Eidolons look or behave the same way, and with a bit of planning you can make an Eidolon serve nearly any purpose and fill nearly any role in a party. Increasing size to Huge and taking the Reach evolution nets you a maximum of 20 foot reach. Eidolon I think an Eidolon would make for a great NPC :) I really think it would also make for a good riddle.

Eidolons are created as sentinels, and therefore are very large, roughly 8 feet tall and 300 lbs. When the eidolon is reduced to 0 hit points, the eidolon immediately returns to their home plane, as if dismissed, and you must take a long rest before performing the ritual again.

Alignment In this mode you only need 4 hours of this state to receive the benefits of a long rest. Your Strength score increases by 2. Sacred.

An eidolon has the same alignment as you and can understand all of your languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, and Celestial. The method of communication is largely up to the eidolon, usually through dreams or hallucinations, but should the person accept the pact, the two souls become bonded. From what they can all remember, they were created by a disgusting mating ritual between a Troglodyte, a Drow, and an Orc.

Whether they were human or what, a human-type of character. [1], Conversely, if a mortal is having a nightmare, they may be stalked by an eidolon that has the appearance of a relatively weak monster, such as a kobold, but the eidolon's game statisics are actually that of much more powerful entity, such as an ancient red dragon. Size. Nightian society is similar to wolves, in that they each have a sort of 'pack', or 'tribe'. If that was it, they were done for, to have the god resurrect them and to say now you're an eidolon and you can inhabit this statue and move around, but sort of defend the honor of the god. Rogues that abandon their names go instead with anagrams of the names they used to have. They have a leader Nightian, the strongest warrior, which they choose via a non-lethal duel. You must finish a long rest before using this ability again. Eidolons with Intelligence scores above the base value modify these totals as normal (an eidolon receives a number of skill ranks equal to 6 + its Intelligence modifier per HD). Favored terrain

Variants: Dragonborn (5e Race Variants/Subraces), https://blackbandos-homebrew.fandom.com/wiki/Eidolon_(5e_Race)?oldid=3188.

Charisma Increase: As an eidolon aspirant becomes a more supernatural entity, her force of personality strengthens. At 10th level, this increases to 2d8. Women from other races are treated even worse; They aren't allowed to sleep, and are given smaller portions of food, causing many non-nightian women to die before their first decade of captivity. Eidolon are intangible beings from another plane of existence. The eidolon can lift up to 1200 lbs over its head, and push or pull up to 6000 lbs along the ground. Construct

You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so. Additionally, as an action, your eidolon can shrink to the size of a small creature, or grow to the size of a large creature. Link (Ex): The telepathy thing is cool, but the magic item part of the ability is far more important. Without this, Eidolons would be fairly ridiculous. Str/Dex Bonus: This will boost your Eidolon's damage, AC, and Reflex saves.

How it makes its attacks is up to you. Add your proficiency bonus to the eidolon's AC, attack rolls, and damage rolls, as well as to any saving throws and skills it is proficient in. The Eidolon is a fantastic concept: a pet which you build from the ground up with a pool of "evolution points".

To summon your eidolon you must perform a ritual lasting 1 hour. This fluid evaporated within minutes of hitting the ground, but left a red stain.

[3], These statues typically had faces that were blank, except for a crude symbol or rune that represented their deity. When a mortal dreams of mundane daily events and creates an eidolon of a regular person, for instance, the eidolon may have the normal statistics for a commoner or other NPC.

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