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global justice movement summary

Vague populist slogans about the 99%, savvy use of social networking, shady figures running around in Guy Fawkes masks, none of this played any kind of significant role in bringing us to the forefront of the Occupy movement. “I’m not at all surprised by the backlash,” Rodrik told me. Youth of the multiracial working class - always at the front of things. Individuals, companies and governments have hunkered down, hoping to ride out the storm until the old world re-emerges in a couple of years. These limits to growth are both ecological and social. In a state of panic, economists responded with a flood of columns and books that defended the necessity of a more open global market economy, in tones ranging from grandiose to sarcastic. There is a crisis of belief in the future, leaving us with the prospect of an endless, deteriorating present that hangs around by sheer inertia. Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, called for a policy hitherto foreign to the World Economic Forum: “more redistribution”. They are the hidden underpinning of the world economy and the wage equivalent of their life-serving work is estimated at $16 trillion.” – John McMurtry, The Cancer State of Capitalism (1999), “The pestle has snapped because of so much pounding.

In an interview earlier this year, Wolf suggested to me that, though he remained convinced globalisation had not been the decisive factor in rising inequality, he had nonetheless not fully foreseen when he was writing Why Globalization Works how “radical the implications” of worsening inequality “might be for the US, and therefore the world”. In the new political climate, economies with large public sectors and strong governments within the global capitalist system were no longer seen as aids to the system’s functioning, but impediments to it. The prioritisation of finance and trade over the welfare of people had come momentarily to an end. Welcome to DEMOCRACY NOW!, Kieran. The Wall St. occupiers have followed the examples of Egypt, Greece, and Spain in using the direct democratic process of the “general assembly.” This means thousands of young people are having their first exhilarating taste of their voice being part of the actual exercise of power – participating in a movement. This creation would be more effective through transnational social movements. The Capital Homestead Act's central focus is the democratization of capital (productive) credit. Maybe it’s a pain that prevents you from dying. NK: It can be tough in many ways to conduct research in South America. But the Washington consensus was bad for business: most countries did worse than before. Generate millions of new private sector jobs by lifting ownership-concentrating Central Bank credit barriers in order to accelerate private sector growth linked to expanded ownership opportunities, at a zero rate of inflation. I like to think of these rebels as my European ancestors – they were just commoners but they rose up to fight for a better world. • Follow the Long Read on Twitter at @gdnlongread, or sign up to the long read weekly email here. Also, here I’ll post some notes I’ve taken while re-listening to Silvia’s talk: At 4 minutes – How can we build movements of resistance without destroying ourselves? The future of economic globalisation, for which the Davos men and women see themselves as caretakers, had been shaken by a series of political earthquakes. Meanwhile, the economies of the colonisers were also becoming free-trade zones for each other. World Bank calls for debt relief programme as amounts owed hit record levels, Charity images 'not doing enough' to humanise world's poor, Debt in developing countries has doubled in less than a decade, Commercial creditors 'must sign up to global debt deal' - or forgo Covid-19 help, Pressure grows for developing world debt relief over coronavirus, Urgent call to head off new debt crisis in developing world, Debt in developing economies rises to record $55tn, Developing countries at risk from US rate rise, debt charity warns, called for a policy hitherto foreign to the World Economic Forum, documenting his time among what he gratingly called “globalutionaries”, Krugman used his first piece as a New York Times columnist, economic adviser to President Barack Obama, ban on imported shrimp caught without turtle-excluding devices.

The fact that proponents of globalisation now felt compelled to spend much of their time defending it indicates how much visibility the global justice movement had achieved by the early 2000s. Why has the occupation – despite the latest police crackdown – sent out sparks across America, within days, inspiring hundreds of people to send pizzas, money, equipment and, now, to start their own movements called OccupyChicago, OccupyFlorida, in OccupyDenver or OccupyLA? JUAN GONZALEZ: Well now to the Gulf of Mexico where the enormous oil slick in the Gulf continues to expand. In Argentina, which followed the Washington consensus to the letter, a grave crisis resulted in 2002, precipitating an economic collapse and massive street protests that forced out the government that had pursued privatising reforms. As Rodrik would later recall, other economists tended to dismiss his arguments – or fear them. Arguments against the global justice movement rested on the idea that the ultimate benefits of a more open and integrated economy would outweigh the downsides. “The issue is that the people are rightly not trusting the centrists who are now promising compensation,” Rodrik said. Unless something changed, the political consequences were likely to get worse. At the center of this critique is the argument that Marx’s analysis of capitalism has been hampered by his inability to conceive of value-producing work other than in the form of commodity production and his consequent blindness to the significance of women’s unpaid reproductive work in the process of capitalist accumulation.

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