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how to stop worrying about things you can't control

This is a key point to make and understand. Workday routines come in many shapes and sizes, but I like the idea behind Paul Graham’s “maker vs manager” model. This is because people are typically worried about something in either the past or future, causing feelings of anxiety, stress, jealousy, or depression. If you’re not satisfied with your last month’s performance at work, then work on the things that you can still fix and improve on. You can do it: one step at a time. I’m freaking the f*#k out. Worrying about the pay bump only works against you, while worrying on the small stuff, i.e. You worry about not having a partner while everyone is getting married and building their own family. While it’s important to be honest about the things that are wrong and work to improve them, it’s also important to focus on the positive, ignore the negative, and get on living while you still can. As it relates to this worrying about things I can’t control, I’ve been down that road many times.

Of course, a plan is never complete unless you track progress towards your goals. As you plan, implement, track your progress towards not worrying, it’s important to be honest with yourself and continuously improve on what matters.

Rather than worrying about the past, use it as a learning experience. The forces of time, choice, and individuality will always keep us guessing. You may not know how you're perceived by someone, but you can choose to show kindness towards them.

Validate if you hold any influence over the situation and if that influence is palatable. Airyl is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Language Studies while waiting for a chance to travel the world and tell stories about her experiences. It sounds easy in theory, which explains why we’re quick to dish it out as pre-packaged advice. Some things are just beyond our control, so don’t put all the blame on yourself. You can then take steps to affect the outcome. Without it, we are left with feelings of despair, powerlessness, or even rage. We like to think of ourselves as puppet masters of our respective universes, but our influence is constrained.

We compensate by worrying or taking futile actions to make us feel like we’re doing something.

The first one is, "Make it happen." For most of my life, I worried about things I could not control. However, successfully defining the things that worry you outside of your control is a positive first step to planning to overcome this worry. That’s why you have to help yourself break this habit. With such a drastic transition from feeling nothing to really feeling the anxiety and depression at 150%, I’m trying to ground myself with some quotes I remember from self-help books (Dr Wayne Dyer) from like years ago. A more reasonable solution is to let go of expectations and fear of the outcome. Connect with a professional therapist online. For the purposes of this article, our goal is to overcome our worry, specifically in regards to the things we can’t control. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While you might not be able to guarantee your business will get acquired by a larger company, you can focus on making it a world-class organization any company would be eager to acquire. Is it all that bad? I promise by focusing on the task at hand and not worrying about the rest, you’ll be better off for it. You can't control how someone else behaves, but you can control how you react. For example, perhaps someone at work is retiring and you want his/her elevated position, causing you to worry and stress. Here’s where it gets fun. You might have done something immature, something stupid in the past, but you still have a chance to apply the lessons that you’ve learned. This is a little trickier because by definition, you can’t control these things, and this lack of control causes you to worry and stress. Key things you can do to accept the things you can’t control include: In addition to this, you’ll want to objectively devise a contingency plan in case the thing you’re worried about actually comes to pass.

And there goes everything that it is possible to worry about. If you cannot ignore or avoid, develop a mitigation plan. The following solutions are sure to help. What you can do is to accept the consequence and let it go. How to Free Yourself from Negative Emotions in 90 Seconds. Pay attention to your stress level and notice how you cope with distress. It is still down. Notice that in neither case are you worrying about the present moment. You should therefore devise a morning routine, a workday routine, as well as an evening routine.

With all these things in mind, it’s most likely that your emotions have gone down. The root of fear and worry is anxiety about the future.

Now to me it seems clear to correlate directly with anxiety (I suppose we didn’t really use those terms back in the day) but regardless the quote and thought process still makes sense to me today. What does it mean? In hindsight, I could have influenced the situation by offering to take a pay cut. It resulted in the 4C Checklist — my tool to curb the worry and anxiety of events in which I could not exert any influence. The key here is to focus on the process – the minutia. I immediately started to worry about my future. In many ways, confronting your fears head on can be good, even cathartic.

But I guess I was also like emotionally and mentally always wanting to be more, never feeling like i was enough (<– Yup, that sounds like characteristics of perfectionism). Meditate. Stressing over these things is normal. She has a bachelors degree in Creative Writing from NYU. I had no water for over twenty-four hours. It’s ultimately up to you. Achievement of the goal is to either successfully avoid or achieve. Rather, take inspiration from people who have gone through a lot. You’ve determined the outcome will impact you, and you cannot ignore it. However, if you use all your time and energy on these things, you lose. It already happened, and is therefore something we worry about that we also can’t control. Share with them the things that you’re worried about.

The eight steps to stop worrying about things you can’t control include: The first step to stop worrying about things you can’t control is to clearly define what’s actually worrying you and why.

If you want that promotion but know you need to focus on stellar work performance, here’s where you implement your daily, monthly, and quarterly professional plan to push you in the direction of that promotion you want and are worrying about. When we worry about the past, we’re worrying about things that we can’t change and letting negative emotions linger longer than they should.

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What was the situation that started these feelings if anything? Maybe, you need to change your strategy, your way of thinking, or how you respond to things.

My feelings are at the highest right now and most of the times I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. In reality, there are many things in life you have zero control over. A lack of control triggers feelings of frustration and helplessness. 9. Another way to stop being a worrier is to take the courage to do something different. If things don’t work the way you wanted, don’t give up just yet.

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