Otevírací doba

Otevřeno - od 30. 8. 2019 restaurace pouze pro ubytované hosty

We are open - since 30th August restaurant just for the accomodated guests

i'm in this photo and i don't like it twitter

If you’re an individual, you can add your current employer, past employers, or connections you have with other members of the Twitter community (“husband to @mywife” or “building a product with @partner”).

Think of how you can repurpose some of your old content or content from other platforms: You are linking your images across from Facebook. My all-time favorite is “Location: Spaceship earth.” ? There are plenty of tools and apps out there that will help you really up your Twitter game. Previously you needed to click on the image to make it show.

Be creative (see the list above).

I’d much rather read, “Totally agree, Aja!” than “Totally agree!”. (Bonus tip: Don’t ever ask anyone to follow you.). Not that I want to get suspended, hehe… Flipboard has been a great source of traffic for me too. However, just to play it safe, I went ahead and added the city: Boise, Idaho.

Judging by Twitter reactions, San Antonians don't know how to handle the strong cold front that blew in Monday afternoon. When I first heard that Twitter was allowing users to request the verified badge, I wanted to do it right away. Any questions to ask? As a writer, this often means submitting links from a variety of sources where you’ve been published. Consider finding pieces you connections have written on LinkedIn, or their personal blogs, or on the company site. While that statement might be mildly entertaining (to me, at least), it’s also whiny—and I’d rather keep my professional reputation as whine-free as possible. Most of the time, responding to angry or irrational people just spurs them on.

I posted about LinkedIn being visual recently.

Do they match your last five tweets? Here are a few of my personal favorites: ManageFlitter will pull up inactive accounts and people who haven’t followed you back. My location was listed as “Idaho,” which I always thought was specific enough since not too many people know specific cities within my sparsely populated state. You don’t have to work with writers to promote your colleagues. If you’ve already tried it out, what was your experience? Great post! I didn’t want to take any chances. I've tested it with the new image format. Now, randomly choose 10 of your followers, and check out their bios. Well, now Twitter’s gone one step further.

Put your best foot forward by being a bit self-promotional about what you achieved. When someone tweets at you or mentions you, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Click here or on the image below to read the article. 1.

Strike one more “win” for the visual web. I also made sure that I was actively engaged with my @-mentions and direct messages in the days immediately before and after I submitted the verified form. Submitting the Twitter verification form reminded me a bit of applying for a job. There will also be a paragraph section toward the end where you get to tell Twitter why you should be verified (this was the most time-intensive part of the process for me). I think the key to a bad photo is being nervous and thinking it will be bad, like you say. I also think it’s weird when people favorite a bunch of my tweets from two or even three years ago. I’m always a little disappointed when I write a complimentary post or give a company a shout-out and hear crickets in response. But it wasn’t quite as powerful or descriptive of a person of “public interest.”.

Bottom line: Don’t be scared to post the same tweet a couple hours, days, or even weeks apart, as long as it’s still relevant. Put simply, it's time to start adding images now because it's a great time to stand out on Twitter! Some notable updates: March 2019 - Twitter announces a follow limit of 400 per day or 1,000 if your account is verified. On Tuesday, high temperatures are only …

Look, I must admit I don't really have an issue with sharing your Facebook posts across to Twitter – IF you are just getting started out on Twitter and just starting to get a basic presence, finding your feet etc etc. Social media has that unique ability to take non-celebs like me and thrust us into the spotlight every now and then.

You can share links to support your claim, too, so this might be something you want to think about or plan ahead.

I too have previously posted about the importance of images on Twitter, but I think it's worth repeating. I lost a ton of followers when I spontaneously started tweeting about House of Cards. So long as you meet the minimum guidelines with your profile (things like having a profile photo and a verified phone number, etc. When people ask me to follow them, it would be weirder to favorite their tweet and not also follow them, rather than just pretend I never saw the tweet at all. This will change how you think about visuals. (I’ve even made a couple of them myself—oops.) If you answered yes to both questions, you’re in good shape. Your bio needs to tell people three critical things: who you are, why you’re an authority, and what your focus is.

Your likes, replies, and retweets of other verified users can never be hidden. It does provide a bit of an ego boost and celebrity moment to see the blue badge, but here’s the real kicker: There are significant business/brand advantages to being Twitter verified. Just make sure you’re not hitting any one type too heavily. Clearly, I get the appeal of seeing a cool-looking article, quickly firing it off, and moving on. They get more engagement. It makes the interaction feel friendlier and more genuine. I’ve definitely retweeted links to articles just because they have great titles. There’s not enough time! So did a bit of work: I’m not sure to what degree it actually helped.

It’s a bit early to tell for sure where Twitter may head, though it never helps to get ahead of the curve if you can.

Remember the stat above – Tweets Including Instagram Links are 42% less likely to be ReTweeted? Speaking of bios, make sure you’ve got a good one. Do they match your last five tweets? Nuzzel will show you what people in your network are talking about. You can click to change your. Using Instagram Engagement touchpoints will help... Are you struggling to get more Instagram... Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About in 2019".

Try posting up some of your square or 400x 600 portrait images to Twitter. It is a simple hack that you can put in place to ensure that your images appear. Visit this page in your Twitter security and privacy settings, and make sure the checkbox for “Tweet privacy” is unchecked. That’s not to say you have to acknowledge absolutely everyone. To become verified on Twitter, you simply update your profile with current information, verify a phone number and email address, then fill out a form requesting consideration as a verified user. Here are a few ideas: Similar to the above tip for organizations, this one requires that you sell yourself a little. You can scroll this list for ideas and inspiration for what might be worth trying to get verified. To keep myself in check, I use the 30/30/30 rule: 30% original content, 30% retweets, 30% engagement.

We love images. I’d love to hear from you in the comments and keep the conversation going there! Even though Twitter has introduced an algorithm to its timeline, most of the tweets we see on our timelines are still displayed reverse-chronologically. You can add a phone number to your account here; to verify the number, enter the verification code that Twitter sends to your email. My best advice would be to find people or organizations that might be similar to you and take some learnings from the way they pitch themselves. It's not surprising that Brands are already starting to take advantage of the visual nature of Twitter: B Sport are already mainly posting images – this one encourages user engagement in a “caption this” game…bringing Twitter back to what it does best – encourage conversation.

It’s hard to tell, but one possibility might be that, writing a great Twitter bio that helps you gain more followers, If you click over to their “following” tab, Social Media Customer awesomely simple and powerful infographic, 60+ November Social Media Ideas – Videos, GIFs and More.

Before I reached out to Twitter, I had my profile listed as “Content @buffer.” I changed it to “Director of marketing @buffer.” Here are a few other semantic changes that might spark some ideas for you: And here are some tips that Neil Patel shared on the Buffer blog: For a long time, I had used an inspiring quote as my cover photo. And if someone is hostile, I don’t engage either.

I’m always a little disappointed when I write a complimentary post or give a company a shout-out and hear crickets in response.

Over to you.

I feel like I’m photogenic when I take my picture, because I’m able to get the angles right and I’m comfortable posing for myself. The following two tabs change content below. Treat your bio like SEO copy It seems there might not be any one right way to get verified. However, I was glad to see that a bunch of the pre-work I did to ensure my profile was looking its best seems to have paid off.

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