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kirby star allies review

I think this might be a case of Star Allies having a smaller dev team especially if a good chunk of HAL staff was called away to help with Smash. I remember when I bought EPIC YARN. I'm looking forward to paying this though, hopefully it's a safe entry to bring a wider audience in before doing something more crazy. The majority seems to score around 8. Again, it’s an interesting idea, but the ability to revive downed teammates made it pretty easy even on some of the “spiciest” difficulties. Just using your team to demolish enemies is fun in its own right, but Star Allies takes a clever approach to making sure you’re constantly rearranging your group.

Knowing that’s the point then, and that Nintendo has been working on the franchise for years, you’re in for quite the treat when you settle down to play this latest adventure on. A pity since Kirby was on a very strong streak the last couple of years. Old ports at New game prices and a lack of new games. It is a good game, but it’s way too easy (even for a Kirby game) and a little uninspired.

I love Kirby... but never at £40, not unless it was something significantly different (e.g. I'm no snob for tech specs, but the different game-feel between Robobot and Star Allies was jarring. @Prof_Yoshtonics that’s exactly the impression I got from the demo. Ultimate - Byleth DLC Review, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. I did not mind Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot on the 3DS, but they were honestly too easy... @boatie Couldn't agree more. Given that Kirby Star Allies is built around Kirby, a pink ball of goo, it should come as no surprise that this game is somewhat bonkers. While I liked all the aforementioned games, Star Allies seems like a safe, traditional sequel but I played enough of those. I love this game on the switch!

Bring on Friday!Got a bro and sis coming over to play through it with me and the missus. Like playing Zelda but only being able to carry one item at a time and needing to go back a few rooms to pick up the one you need to progress further.

Kirby series has always been a weird one for me because I think Kirby's Adventure on NES is one of the very best games on the system and one of my favorites ever, but no other Kirby game (besides the gameboy ones, mildly) has ever really grabbed me.

), and regrettably not even Buff Dedede is significantly different enough.

It's a good entry level game for kids though and should be nice for parents to play with their children.

BTW, what does "speedrun" mean in this case? Don’t think I’ll be picking this up.

@eaglesfly76 It's 30fps, not sure why IGN reported on that.

Given that the last few entries in the series were at least close to 60fps, and that this doesn’t appear to be a game that’s too taxing on the Switch’s humble hardware, this comes off as a bit of a disappointment. The name Kirby Star Allies isn’t just for show.

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So at this point I might as well buy it.

Kirby Star Allies is a fun little game with a lot of interesting characters, amazing new powers, great gameplay and an old-new mechanic that keeps players guessing and makes it a fun party game. But I don't expect it to top Robobot.

This is far from the first Kirby game to include such a mechanic and while it’s a nice feature to have, Kirby Star Allies doesn’t do much to try new things with the idea. It may make kids want to be domestically violent because of the scenes and the enjoyment of defeating the enemies in the game. So I just played the 2nd level of the demo again and yeah, the game basically feels broken at 30fps. At the end of the day I think this is a nice casual platformer that is good to play with the kids.

Nintendo reinvented Zelda with BOTW, they could easily do the same with the Kirby series.... Omg. Ah, well. The art style looked amazing, an it was the first Kirby game I bougth since Kirby 64.

Up to 4 players can join in with the horizontal Joy-Con controller configuration, or 8 Joy-Con with 4 Joy-Con Grips. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. But it is here that you realise that Star Allies is more than a run-of-the-mill platformer. This is matched by a similarly well-done soundtrack that does little to surprise, but plenty to satisfy. Still excited, though. In short, if you have young kids they'll absolutely love this!

Since then, at most, even the good Kirby games are usually "Super Star but with a gimmick".

based on As Nintendo’s chameleon character, Kirby is only as interesting as the abilities he copies. All players can make use of combo powers, and you can grant computer-controlled allies these boosts as well. I enjoyed the game though, just wish there was a little bit more challenge to it. Pass for me. Starting off with Kirby’s Return To Dreamland, this new era of mainline Kirby games has taken on a character of its own; almost standing apart as a distinct sub series. It wouldn't surprise me if 6 months down the line, when all the kids have full mastered it, Nintendo do an update with a 'hard' mode. South park hasn't got the 1st one. Those of you who want a challenge might want to look elsewhere but those of you who are looking for fun should definitely check this game out.

The only reason I am keeping mine is because I think it will be a nice, easy, relaxing game to play through with my wife.

Just some ... Read Full Review, Even though the platforming is bland at times, everything else is solid, smooth and with no glitches.

I'll wait for a price drop. Your AI partners never get in the way though, or feel like they’re stealing the spotlight. To many junk indi games at ridiculously High prices. Kirby has always had that fun aspect of beating the BURP out of enemies for me and I always enjoyed that.

As for the hit point idea, there's a secret option in Kirby's Dreamland that allows you to do just that; as well as how many lives you start with. HAL laboratory loose a lot of buyer because of that.

Kirby Star Allies Developer When HAL Laboratory developed the game, they wanted to go all out for Kirby’s fans. … It doesn't feel like this was made by people who really cared, and fan service character additions later on isn't going to change that. What's this? But Kirby is super-popular in Japan, it has almost turned into a yearly franchise. Wouldn't surprise me to see Switch get more. The game is very fun and gorgeous looking. The same core gameplay of Kirby applies here, and there’s a good mixture of new and old powers on offer.

Truth be told this seems like a very fair review. It's been a while since I played a good Kirby...kinda glad it isn't a substantial spinoff. Kirby's Adventure was amazing.

Which means I will like it a lot.

But this time, he's not alone.

As with most Nintendo games, trying to encourage more individuals to play together is what this is all about. I don’t expect dark souls level difficulty, but I do want a challenge at least. In fact, it’s all rather good. It’s a great easy casual game.

No challenge at all.

When was the last time Kirby was a difficult game to play.

'This is not the Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild of the Kirby series' - Thank gosh for that; Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are entries in enjoyed series that simply don't appeal to me, so I'm glad Kirby is sticking to what works. A 7/10 is still a good score.

You’re essentially building an army based on the threats you come up against, and as a concept it’s both oddly compelling and fun. -overpriced

All in all, Kirby Star Allies is a fun, relaxing game that does a good job of showing off what makes the main Kirby series so great. I agree with this, though I don't have kids.

The bonus with this entry is the nice new lick of paint. There’s no way to press them into service. Kirby is just one of those franchises that is either more of the same, or they do something really different like Rainbow Curse and to an extent Robobot.

He may get it for his Switch, but I will surely not be getting it for mine. but, unlike showdown. The "Kirby" series is as fun as ever on the Switch.

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