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mark latham education

Latham might not have broken with Whitlam. Latham told his followers: “Anyone out there, on the left of politics in particular, that’s fermenting [sic] hatred of white people, the rise of anti-white racism in Australia … they are aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism … Now there’s an instance of this earlier in the week, a guy called Osman Faruqi …”, What had set Latham off was a comment Faruqi had made, not about terrorism, but about the resignation of two senators who had discovered they were dual citizens. August 2020. It was, he said, important to discuss “the changing nature of male identity”, and fatherhood was an important part of that identity, given the lack of male influences in the lives of many boys. Finally, the basis of his belief in progressive politics had been shattered. “But,” he told columnist Alan Ramsey, “I’ve got my self-respect back. But the person running the account denied the obvious conclusion, tweeting that he was just a “mate from school” called Mitch Carter. How would you think I’d feel? Latham married again, this time to Liberal staffer Janine Lacy. I ask him about something he mentioned late last year, about creating a third major party by merging smaller conservative parties. A few days later, BuzzFeed reported that this parody account seemed to be anticipating columns that Latham later wrote. Finally, two months later, Latham seemed to admit the account was his. Then he watched the video Latham had posted online.

His father, who would have been thrilled, had died earlier that day.

Every time they saw each other during the campaign, Howard would try to crush Latham’s hand, “shaking with his arm, instead of his wrist, like a flapping motion. Once upon a time, Latham knew that nostalgia was the enemy of true progressive parties, which must always reckon with the new, however difficult that seems. In his second year at Sydney University, Latham won the J.K. Galbraith prize for political economy. That matters to me. By 2003, he was back on the front bench, as shadow treasurer. He has an answer for everything, but where Howard constantly talks about values, Latham very often returns, passionless, to facts and figures. He tells me now, “People want me to represent them in a certain way [and] if I think it’s reasonable, I’ll do it.”. Biographer Bernard Lagan believes that, had Latham won, “he would have been a different person and I think he could have made a fine prime minister, I really do.”. I say to Latham that he put his opinions on identity politics to one side that year. Two years earlier, Latham had become “mesmerised” – his word – by Donald Trump. But you don't have to stop here.Subscribe to the Monthly and enjoy full digital access.


Bernard Lagan, one of Latham’s many biographers, says that after Latham’s resignation as leader, just months after electoral defeat, “a lot of people said ‘yes we dodged a bullet’ – lots and lots of people said that”. At 15, Latham penned an article for his school magazine, attacking waste like the “lavish distribution of stencils and paper”. How did a man with such right-wing beliefs become Labor Party leader, and what is he cooking up now? Michael Cooney says he did not find Latham an angry person, but, while generally quiet, his boss had no problem with voices being raised. This nostalgia is everywhere in Latham’s writings. Latham continues to go after Batty.

He joined the Liberal Democrats, and the Labor Party banned him for life.

Love him or hate him, Mark Latham is always passionate about getting things done, And his latest agenda has been improving NSW's education system, particularly performance- based teacher pay and lifting student achievement across the board. I feel sorry for Mark Latham.”.

His regular break-outs, the throwings off of straitjackets, are never, as they are in the lives of some public figures, attempts at wholesale reinvention. They are about politics, and what Latham believes voters want. He tells me it was crushing when Labor Party activists worked to get him disinvited from the fundraiser for a local MP in early 2017, particularly the fact that it happened in Western Sydney, “where I’ve lived for 55 years now, and for me it’s been my life, my politics, my existence …” When I thank him for his honesty on this, he says, “Well that’s how it felt. “So, yeah, he shouted at me a couple of times. The man who once might have been a Labor prime minister now uses the account openly, to attack “feminazis”, the “gay-left” and the “‘colonial genocide’ fake narrative”.

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