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mark latham quotes

WOW. I voted for mark in the state and have voted for one nation in the federal senate unfortunately I had no one to vote for in page ( grafton ) except the United Australia party. The likely tipping point, a heightened risk of blackouts will occur in the summer of 2022/23, following the closure of Liddell. Abolishing all targets, subsidies and special deals for renewables – leveling the playing field on the production side of the market; 4. Specifically in this place, I’m talking about a Coalition Government that tried to abolish greyhound racing in NSW, I love those Sydney kids. And when they go to work, the chance to do their job without being bombarded by employment quotas, ‘unconscious bias’ training and a long list of unspeakable, taboo words – scary, scary stuff, like ‘guys’ and ‘mums and dads’. No surrender in any debate, in any institution, on any front. I’m in awe of this speech and in Mark Latham’s delivery that I viewed on youtube. It’s so refreshing to hear Mark speak up for Australia not bash her…like we are all getting so sick of. https://www.onenation.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/mark.jpg, https://www.onenation.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/ON-logo-03-03.png, Mandatory Reading: Mark Latham's Maiden Speech. surrendering to a belief that animal rights are more important than human rights. Raise your iQ and become a Quoteologist today! Significant and a true call to action.Liberals and National parties rise up behind this Leader. They are selected from a tiny fraction of the young, fit, athletic male population. Haha. Australians are also a tough yet fair-minded people. Mr President, The fightback for freedom is long overdue. Well done Mark. What a speech! I was so happy & full of joy that you are now One Nation. When the water supply runs short, there’s no hydro. I, like others I suspect, once upon a time thought you, Mark, were a yobbo. Through the power of reason and enlightenment, people want to have a say about the things that are important to them. At last we have a real statesman in there who has identified the grass root issues that urgently need to be addressed. Yet far from condemning the new serfdom, Labor and the trade unions have been cheering it on. Mr President, For those of us who believe in the virtues of Western civilisation, who treasure the advances and values of the Enlightenment, who look at Talmage’s painting and marvel at its meaning, this is the fight of our lives.

There is indeed a cultural war going on globally, on par with the Cold War, that is going to require men and women of integrity to fight for our freedoms and our way of life. The best person for the job must get the job, regardless of race, gender and sexuality. Bless you! You, Mr Latham, ought to be our next Prime Minister. PC is riddled with these internal contradictions. Quotes #1 I especially thank my campaign manager Corrine Barraclough, who was magnificent in every respect. Hearty congratulations Mark Latham – a true winner indeed! It’s remarkable that because of your speech, I am now able to speak my mind about who you were and who you are now. To do so is to practice the poison of identity politics. Fight a good fight. Normally I would just vote Liberal as I just can’t stand the idea of Labour getting back in.

To build the system on a strong foundation of fulltime, 24/7 power generation, on top of which intermittent, part-time sources can then play a role. When the wind’s not blowing, there’s no wind power. It’s high time that the “silent majority” in this country finds a voice and rallies behind courageous realists like Mark, to help our great country break free from the guileful toxicity of the cultural Marxists. Quotes Mark Latham.

Great speech, Mark, the best I’ve heard in decades from any politician. We haven’t been brainwashed by ‘capitalist hegemony’ as the post-modernists argue. What an incredible, courageous speech. But there is something more important going on in our society now. See what Mark Latham (latham1758) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. The other problem with political correctness is in knowing what’s genuine and what’s not.

Yet for his beliefs, his Christianity, he is not allowed to play rugby, to chase the pigskin around the park. I’m not overly affected by the upside down atrophy in this western country. Australian writer and former politician, who was leader of the Australian Labor Party from early 2004 to early 2005. Mr President, Earlier I asked where the attacks on our country and our civilisation are coming from. In fact: this chamber, this parliament, in this city, all our public institutions and the material comforts we take for granted – none of them could exist without the greatness of the West. Kicked out of India for being Muslim and then kicked out of Fiji for working too hard, they have come to Australia and set up businesses, with a strong work and study ethic. a huge wrap." Upgrading the capacity of our inter-state connectors, especially into coal-rich Queensland; 2. It moved from pursuing economic Marxism to pushing cultural Marxism. Churchcillian in its force and message and a useful vaccine for a society suffering a debilitating disease. Well done Mark. None of the lessons of the 1970s and 80s have been learned. Mr President, Identity politics is a zero-sum game. Now I’m told he was an example of White Male Privilege, that the bum out of his pants was actually a rainbow shot up his backside. Worthy of the great men in history who wrote the “Magna Carta” and the “American Constitution”.. There’s a mountain of work to be done in restoring these opportunities, in uplifting the standards of NSW education. Through a loss of academic standards, testing and grading, NSW’s school results are going backwards compared to other States and other countries. Oi, toss bags - it's time once again to turn off "the internets" and go read something worthwhile. It’s fuelling Sydney’s congestion and over-development crisis. ", "Greg was in terrible shape and if we've learned anything from the (Nick) Sherry experience, it should have been to grab hold of one of our own and give him every possible support to keep him alive,", "Oh, bloody oath it was. Sometimes we laugh at the absurdity of political correctness but at its core, it’s an insidious movement, a handbrake on liberty. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I say to any young person: if you are looking for guidance and inspiration in life, study Churchill, Lincoln, Reagan and Roosevelt, not Todd Carney. Well done! i only wish It would be , repeated by the present Federal Government , Ive been a Liberal voter all my life , and if what you have said came out of their mouths, they would have no trouble getting reelected at this new election. Most of all, I thank the people of NSW who have given me a second go at parliamentary service.

Whether someone is a longstanding resident or they recently came to Australia and Sydney, we are all in the same circumstance: crawling along car park roads, standing on crowded trains, trying to combat congestion and urban sprawl. ", Successories has been providing motivation to organizations like yours since 1985, Voted Best Places to Work Year after Year. This city cannot continue to grow at 100,000 per annum, at a severe cost to the environment and residential lifestyle. It has been a long time coming. Mr President, I’ve had a fortunate life. The Folau case exposes the new serfdom in the Australian workplace: how big companies, the corporate PC-elites are wanting to control all aspects of their employees’ lives – their religious and political views, how they speak and think, how they behave, even in their own time away from the workplace. Brilliantly inspirational.One can only hope he is not a lone voice in the wilderness and can instigate the changes we so desperately need. I know several of these families and I’m proud to call them friends. At any time when any person is required to take an oath it must be taken on the Australian Constitution. How can this goal be achieved? No one in Australian public life does more research or is more thoroughly across his brief than Alan, making him not only a great broadcaster but a great fighter for Australia. 1102 comments on The Australian website as at 9pm Thursday night, and 99.9% along the lines of “a brilliant speech, Churchillian!” (A few people suggested that if ScoMo managed such a speech he would win in a landslide, but it is unlikely that ScoMo would find the courage to.) In their lust for authority, they lose their respect for the rights of others. Thank you for having the courage to define the lines of battle. If you control someone’s language, you control a big part of their lives: how they interact with others, how they communicate in society, their feeling of belonging. The other is energy policy. We are being asked to change the climate by relying on the weather – a high-risk, paradoxical way of planning for the needs of a modern economy. May God bless One Nation and you receive the power of our God to convict you in all His ways. When the sun’s not shining, there’s no solar power. A recent immigrant to Nottingham, he lives in a very old house (sadly not haunted), and is still regarded as a foreigner. Great and independent thinkers, whether they are scientists, philosophers, preachers, inventors or idiots, must go it alone until the evidence accumulates to prove them right or wrong – otherwise mankind would still be living in a cave and hunting with spears… and of course, we wouldn’t need to find a solution for many of today’s challenges. This causes enormous resentment among those who miss out because they have the wrong skin colour, the wrong gender, the wrong sexuality – things they can do nothing about. ", "They're a contribution to Labor history and why is the Labor Party so scared of the truth? No surrender in trying to take back our country. Well done.

Thank you. It’s an appropriate entrance statement for this place, the mother of legislative power and progress in Australia. In the 80s and 90s we were told to look through a person’s race, gender and sexuality. Shipping offers limited to Contiguous US shipping addresses with ground service to one location. There was no need to lump them into broad, unrepresentative categories based on the primitive notion of how they look. Well done, I’m so proud of what you are doing for NSW & our country. God bless the stand you have taken and may you achieve all you are fighting for and then some! Labour assumes there is as endless supply of cash available through tax think. There is a place for renewables in the system. We will be fighting the fight to gain back the Sanity, that has been taken away from us as a Nation. Good onya Mark. Your email address will not be published. But to listen to the political and media coverage of this issue, you would think there were 13 million. This is the truth about Australia and the fair-mindedness of our people. The tragedy of declining school results is that they hit disadvantaged students hardest. We’ll fight with you Mark. The painting by Algernon Talmage is called the Founding of Australia, a founding marked by the arrival of Western civilisation on this continent.

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