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my hero academia fanfiction

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Killers! The students see a chance to prevent the chaos caused by Quirk Emergence (and in the case of Izuku, prevent All-For-One from gaining power).

Anything decent that's IzuOcha, as I always have such a hard time finding good IzuOcha stories. High (The arrogant bully who looks down on those he sees as beneath him, while also having his. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 01-28-20 - Founder: RRanger0896. Soothe your soul with the purest and fluffest stories found here.

When Todoroki finds out about Izuku's quirk, he begs him to use it on him to get rid of his fire-quirk. Six First Dates Chapter 1: Kyouka, a my hero academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア fanfic | FanFiction TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Here you can find a plethora of fics about our favorite cinnamon roll getting a quirk and the effects this may have on society. (Set filter to M), English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 1 - Since: 08-14-19 - Founder: enderdez45, Bnha Character reading or watching the multiverse or their favorite cinnamon roll, English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 1 - Since: 05-07-19 - Founder: morocko.

To that in they give him about 60% of creative freedom. And how much Hori fanboys over the the fact that he is now collaborating with Marvel. He also develops the emitter quirk "Virtue", where he emits a continuous aura that causes those who spend enough time around him to develop better habits, a calmer disposition and can even heal mental trauma. Aber vorallem geht es um Ann, die Tochter von Present Mic, welche bei einem Kampf gegen einen Namu überraschend gerettet wird. Bitte versuche es später noch einmal. Take a look, and remember to smile! An AU following the Joint Training arc, where the spirit of Daigoro Banjo (The fifth user of One-For-All and the original owner of Black Whip) maintains contact with Izuku Midoriya. Communities » Anime/Manga » My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア Communities 82 The Feminine Midoriya Izuku.

When All Might signs Izuku's notebooks he notices how skilled he is at analysis and decides to give him Nezu's number knowing that the Principal would want to see it.


United as one, this is a collection of Boku no Hero Academia fanfics. Izuku had no hope to become a hero as a normal person without a quirk. Because the Winner is Justice Doflamingo (One Piece) You stepped on my comrades, one after another. Tomura Shigaraki would hold the villain name "Sazanka" and have empty, black eyes and mouth. August/15/2018 Hooray!

All the stories that focus around what is - In my opinion - MHA's most adorable, hilarious, feel-good and interesting pairing - Izuku and Mina. A bundle of stories including Izuku Midoriya but not many pairings like Ochaco, Momo, and Tsuyu. Izuku manages to convince an old ninja master (brownie points if he has a mutation quirk that gives him, Izuku is taught bushido by an old samurai master so that he can learn to be a hero without a quirk.

DAD MIGHT FICS FOREVER! The replaced quirk could be: "Float": His quirk becomes identical to his grandmother's original quirk. This eventually led to Izuku wearing gloves and developing a pathological fear of being touched, afraid he could singlehandedly ruin someone's life this way. Pairings are varied and stories may be complete or still on-going. While he desires to be a hero, he becomes a person of interest by not just Support Companies, but the world's leading scientific minds and villains who would want him to upgrade their gear and enhance their quirks artificially, willing to kidnap him if the need arose.

Enjoy! When the League of Villains invade the USJ, Izuku manages to get close enough to Nomu to use his quirk on him.

Welcome my readers, to the wonderful restaurant of all your quirky needs. Thieves!

Order off the My Hero Menu of your dreams. Furious at being humiliated, Bakugo charges to maim Izuku following the test only for All-Might to stop him. That said, he still wants to be a hero because he thinks that he could have a positive change on a. Izuku has a mutation quirk that gives him white wings and causes part of his hair to naturally form into a halo. since samurai typically serve a master and, his techniques are confused for an extremely versatile emitter quirk, treats him the same way he treated Midoriya once. These are recommendations made by Tropers for My Hero Academia Fan Fics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page.the Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.. Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory.

Instead of being found by All For One after his family's death, Tomura Shigaraki is found by the proper authorities.

Izuku and the rest of Class 1A (right before graduation) are sent back in time before quirks have appeared in humanity. Especially if it includes romance.

Izuku is killed while trying to save Bakugo from the Slime Villain, which ends up activating his quirk Possession, causing him to unintentionally take over the nearest body: Katsuki Bakugo. In his rage, Bakugo shouts he will not be looked down up by a "quirkless Deku" again, which reveals his, Alternatively, Izuku and Katsuki swap bodies themselves, leading to some confusion for the entire class seeing "Izuku" act crude and abrasive, and "Katsuki" acting.

Must be under 10k (or close), rated T and under, and grammar MUST be at least high school level. Eventuell besteht momentan keine Internetverbindung oder es liegt ein anderes Netzwerk-Problem vor. And the people? Well-Written stories focusing on Midoriya Izuku! He is saved by both Ochako and a passing-by Shinso, who uses his quirk to put Izuku to sleep and gets enough Rescue Points to join the Hero Course. Trotzdem verlassen? Naturally, Izuku has mixed feelings on this. A gathering of stories featuring Izuku as a female. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth Going Beyond, Plus Ultra! An archive of cybernetically enhanced Izuku, whether from science or an actual quirk. This will mainly focus on love interests such as Kendo, Yui, Shiozaki, Mina, Hagakure, Rei (Shoto's Mother), Fuyumi, Saiko, Mei, Camie, Toga, Nejire, Mitsuki (Bakugo's Mom), Midnight, The Pussycats, Melissa, A little bit of Jiro, and more ships that you wouldn't normally find. His physiology makes him stronger and faster than a normal human. "Cryosplosion": Instead of sweating nitroglycerin from his hands, creating fiery explosions in the process, instead he sweats liquid nitrogen, creating explosions that flash-freezes things instead. When Izuku manages to use his wits to throw the ball - turning his uniform's tie into a slingshot for the ball - Bakugo tries attacking him for "daring to try". After Bakugo wins the Torunament, he tries to attack Izuku while still healing in Recovery Girl's office out of the belief that it is to "teach him to know his place", only for Aizawa to stop him and expelling him on the spot, giving Izuku his seat in Class 1-A. They give him a pair of quirk-canceling gloves to help keep him from accidentally killing people and call Inko Midorya - being an old friend and confidant to local law-enforcement - offers to let Tomura stay with her and her son until hey can move him into a proper home.

But away with them!

Ratings and pairings may vary.

von Das Vii. Izuku inheriets a fusion of his parent's quirk that allows him to drain heat from whatever he touches and expels it out through his mouth.

He turns the Sludge Villain into a regular human, both rendering a dangerous villain powerless and saving Bakugo's life, and winds up getting recommended into UA by the heroes for it.

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