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nfl defense rankings 2006

Many of the great defenses coming up on this countdown were either saddled with lousy offenses or stuck in the same division as a historic, legendary powerhouse. They never trailed by more than seven points the entire season, a feat unmatched until the Packers did it in 2010. Manning made the stats look decent in the second half, but he couldn't do anything about the 43-8 final score, and we were finished writing our game stories in the third quarter anyway. But if the quarterbacks who were propped up by their defenses held a parade, Dilfer would be the Grand Marshall. And just as importantly, the Steelers are so consistently great on defense that seasons like these can almost look routine. Either way, they were almost impossible to score on, even when you count the gimmies at the ends of blowouts. For most other teams, a defense as good as the 2008 Steelers would stick out like a mountain in the franchise almanac.

This defense dominated its league like no other and set the tone for the next 20 years of Raiders football. This iteration of the Ray Lewis Ravens was nearly as good as the 2000 champions on defense and much better on offense, thanks to Steve McNair, Jamal Lewis and Derrick Mason. While Walsh pioneered the West Coast Offense, Seifert confused opponents with wrinkles like what is now called a Leo edge-rusher (a linebacker or defensive end standing up, wide of the left tackle) and what he called a Whip safety (today's safety-linebacker hybrid) on passing downs. They held Peyton Manning to 170 passing yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions. Everything about Hank Stram's 1960s Chiefs was innovative. The exceptions are the three columns marked NON-ADJUSTED. These were Rich Kotite's Eagles, with legendary coordinator Bud Carson commanding the defense. The Giants sacked the two Eagles quarterbacks 13 times in 35-3 and 17-14 victories. Maybe they just put up better numbers because they weren't shell-shocked by an offense that kept giving the ball back to opponents. SCHEDULE represents the average offensive DVOA of all opponents, with teams ranked from hardest schedule to easiest schedule. But no one remembers, and only a handful of us really care. Scoring dipped to 17.2 points per team per game; passing to 141.9 yards per game, with 40 percent more interceptions than touchdowns. Dryer, Brooks, Youngblood and Coy Bacon (a star in the early 1970s) had not yet arrived. NFL teams officially gave up trying to score in 1977. Or perhaps this is the defense that helped usher in modern pro football history. You know the 1986 Giants by the trail of devastation in their wake, in the NFC East and the league at large. Dent, McMichael and Hampton combined for 31.5 sacks by themselves. It was that kind of year. Opposing quarterbacks paid the price. The Cowboys were 6-2 entering that game but finished the year 7-9. The Jets played in back-to-back AFC championships less than a decade ago, beating Carson Palmer's Bengals and Philip Rivers' Chargers in 2009 and Peyton Manning's Colts and Tom Brady's Patriots in 2010 playoff games. It's almost as amazing an achievement as what the final defenses on our countdown accomplished. The Bears established the formula for success that would define them for decades: outstanding defense, a touch of rowdiness and quarterback play that stops just short of being counterproductive. He was unstoppable on the field and off: Atkins kept a pit bull named Rebel in his room during training camp to make coaches think twice about bed checks when he was out on the town. But back to the 1971 Colts. Perhaps this very countdown holds some answers. Regular season totals, playoffs not … Then, almost overnight, they became contenders.

But imagine what these defenses might have done if paired with competent quarterbacks. Peyton Manning and the Broncos, one of the greatest offenses in NFL history, ran seven plays for negative-three yards and two turnovers in the first quarter. The secondary of Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, Samari Rolle and Dawan Landry combined for 19 of the Ravens' 28 interceptions. But if John Elway takes over as head coach because he doesn't like how the Trevor Siemian-Paxton Lynch controversy is playing out, you know history is repeating itself. Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, Dwight Hicks and Carlton Williamson all made the Pro Bowl in 1984. You don't say. His Patriots beat lots of opponents. If their offense had just been decent, they would have been much more. In other words, they recorded four or five sacks and two or three interceptions on any given Sunday. Few defenses had more short-term and long-range impact than the 1986 Giants. 2006 NFL Defense. Quarterbacks who survived the blitz threw 34 interceptions: Safeties Gary Fencik and Dave Duerson and corners Leslie Frazier and Mike Richardson were capable, but they weren't required to do much more than fetch the cherries as they fell from the tree. He shot the gap at the snap instead of reading keys and flowing to the ball. The Colts reached Super Bowl III with an all-time great team in 1968, only to lose the game to an era-defining upstart: Joe Namath's groovy Jets. The Cardinals were in the NFC East back then and fielded some solid teams behind quarterback Neil Lomax, a very good quarterback in his prime. Their linebacker corps was one of history's best, and it made the Saints one of the NFL's "toughest outs" for over half a decade. Sure, it worked with players like Greene and Lambert, plus Jack Ham, Donnie Shell, Mel Blount, L.C. The DVOA system is explained here. The Eagles averaged just 3.1 yards per rush, but opponents averaged just 3.0 yards per rush. Crushing the Broncos in the Super Bowl was a foregone conclusion. Defensive end Wayne Martin led the team with 15.5 as the Saints finished the year with 57 total sacks.

The Saints faced a tough Eagles team in the playoffs, their offense committed four turnovers, and nothing would ever be the same again for the Dome Patrol Saints. Ray Lewis and Rod Woodson were the cornerstones of the 2000 Ravens defense, but talent was everywhere. Jevon Kearse recorded 11.5 of the team's 55 sacks. Being remembered for going undefeated can mean that people forget the details. So let's honor them all at once so we can move on and tell some other stories: Darn, we are almost out of room and did not get to the Sack Pack Colts, the Luv Ya Blue Oilers or any of the other teams that posted eye-popping numbers in 1977. The Buccaneers intercepted 31 regular-season passes and nine more in the postseason and Super Bowl, including five in the big game. Sometimes they took the field with an excellent defense and a terrible offense. Only two opponents scored 20-plus points on them the whole season. So really, it's Tom Brady's fault that the Patriots aren't on this list. Please review for your knowledge. The Eagles embarked on a strange journey through the wilds of third-string quarterbacking, with Brad Goebel, Pat Ryan and Jeff Kemp taking turns trying not to get mutilated behind a terrible offensive line. Samari Rolle added seven interceptions. Buddy Ryan? The defense would reign for years afterward, but later opponents adapted, found weaknesses, attacked the Bears quarterbacks and waited for the Bears' aggression to turn on itself. Then attack relentlessly, unrepentantly, recklessly. By the time Jones seized the starting job and Ted Marchibroda arrived to restore order, the Colts endured three years of losing seasons in which they cycled through four head coaches, including general manager Joe Thomas, who took the reins for a while. If modern football begins when the AFL rises, the folks at NFL Films begin documenting every game like an epic battle and the Super Bowl becomes a gleam in the eyes of men like Pete Rozelle, then this is the first great defense in modern pro football history. But the Ravens scored 14 points on a blocked field goal and a Ray Lewis pick-six, and the Titans endured a 24-10 playoff loss. Team Defense Table; Tot Yds & TO Passing Rushing Penalties; Rk Tm G PF Yds Ply Y/P TO FL 1stD Cmp Att Yds TD Int NY/A 1stD Att Yds TD Y/A 1stD Pen Yds 1stPy Sc% TO% EXP; 1: Baltimore Ravens: 16: 201: 4225: 936: 4.5: 40: 12: 236: 279: 509: ... More 2006 NFL Pages. The 1969 Vikings allowed 24 points in their season opener against the Giants and never allowed more than 14 points again until the first round of the playoffs. Spoiler: There's a historic Ravens defense coming later in the countdown. But the defense could also look like a modern 3-4 alignment, making it a truly "multiple" front. The Saints reached the playoffs for the first time in franchise history in 1987, then proved it was no fluke with a string of winning seasons. Or maybe this is just nitpicking. Those great quarterbacks combined for 18 interceptions in seven games against the Raiders. Tackle Tom Keating and 6'8" end Ben Davidson anchored the defensive line and defined what would become the Raiders image, both on the field and off. Hey look: The 1984 49ers have made another NFL Nostalgia countdown! The following are the 2006 NFL team overall defense … Opponents scored just 19 touchdowns against them during the regular season.

Greenwood and others. The 49ers defense sacked Bears backup quarterback Steve Fuller eight times in a 23-0 shutout in the NFC Championship Game. In 1992, they lost to the 49ers by scores of 16-10 and 21-20 in the regular season, with Young leading a fourth-quarter comeback from a 20-7 deficit in the second game. The Cardinals’ defense played pretty well in the playoffs, but the other two teams got exposed badly. Except that it did. Statistical analysis reveals that the Bears defense was actually better in 2005, when the team won 11 games but lost to the Panthers in the postseason. They talk the talk, but they walked the walk in Super Bowl XLVIII, and they may still have an encore in them. They did it all against a tougher schedule than the 1972 Dolphins faced. Unless you are a Bears fan over 50, you probably could not name the team's quarterback given 50 guesses. The 6'8" Atkins had been a basketball player and an SEC champion high jumper at Tennessee. But Milt Plum threw an interception to Herb Adderley, whose long return set up a game-winning Packers field goal by Paul Hornung. The tilted tackle and 4-3 Stunt tactics that came with it became core concepts in modern one-gap defenses. They registered three shutouts and held three other teams (including the Browns in the playoffs) to just a field goal. The Giants knocked Cowboys quarterback Danny White and backup Gary Hogeboom out of a late-season game in 1985. The 1973 Dolphins had a hand in both achievements. Well, this is the late-era AFL, when the two leagues shared a common draft and things had settled down somewhat.

The 2015 Broncos defense was a team effort spurred by coordinator Wade Phillips, whose schemes got the most from every player on the defensive depth chart and generated big plays in bunches. They did all of this with Mark Sanchez at quarterback. Finally, teams from before the dawn of the AFL-NFL era (1960) were omitted from this countdown, though they were included in some others.

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