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starfire weakness

If we can close the gap and hit her in close combat we will be a step up on her. The Tamaranians actually fear the particular point where friends start to drift apart. Teen Titans: Who Would Win? However, that too got destroyed later on. Battle Fury will get rid of that Shape Change but will make it hard to deal with the Invulnerability. The last click provides her with some staying power. As the Tamaranians began to settle into their new planet Tamaran and make it their own, they established a planetary government that later morphed into a feudal society.

Doesn’t she usually have to recharge her powers after using them intensely? Starfire's race resides on the planet of Tamaran which is approximately 26 light-years away from Earth and resides in Sector 2828. From a range perspective, Psy Blast and Pulse Wave are really the only good options.

As much as I like the character, I’ll admit that I didn’t read any of her new series and can’t speak as to why she may qualify for that giant “Q” on her dial but I don’t like it for having to go against her. Interestingly, Starfire's ability to fire star bolts is not because of her race. There are other things to worry about on the other team so timing this could be difficult. Teen Titans: Who Would Win? After Starfire was enslaved for over six years by the Gordanians, the Omega Men led a revolt against the Citadel Rule.
A one-stop shop for all things video games. Things that tell me I need to use my pager to call for backup: Starfire real name Koriand'r is a superheroine from DC Comics who is most famous as a member of the Teen Titans and was one of the main heroes in the 2003 animated series of the same name.

So, you could say that there's a strict class system in place. This betrayal drove the Tamaranians close to extinction. . So, it wouldn't be wrong to assume that they're pretty savage and fierce in battle.

She hails from a distant planet named Tamaran and often talks a lot about her home culture and way of life. Charging in from 4 squares out and hitting with an 11/4 Flurry is painful. This will make our day a little tougher. That was until Blackfire, Starfire's elder sister, betrayed the Tamaranians by leaking top-secret military intel to the enemy. Also, if she's underground or it's night, she effectively is under a red sun. Things that tell me I need to use my pager to call for backup: - TAs + Trait - Move and Attack powers that combo strongly - Long dial w/ STOP click Exploiting Starfire's Weaknesses Back in the days of Streets of Gotham, we had what was arguably the best Starfire for the points we… Unfortunately, negative emotions can weaken them in battle, even causing their body to 'deactivate' its powers. The inhabitants of the planet of Tamaran are called Tamaranians or Tamaraneans. A tie up could serve a good use here as well since she’ll have to deal with that and when she does she can’t immediately come after you a couple squares away. That being said, she can take the turn to run over to a teammate and heal them up so when you are going up against a Titan squad in particular, make sure to double tap your opponent’s figures so they don’t have a chance at healing.

She is allergic to metallic chromium and it causes bad allergy attacks.

Starfire has always been one of the more intriguing members of the Teen Titans.

The name "Starfire" first appeared in a DC Comic in the story "The Answer Man of Space", in Mystery in Space #73, February 1962, written by Gardner Fox. Thousands of years ago, the Tamaraneans migrated to the planet of Tamaran from Okaara, the thirteenth planet in the Vega System. ( Log Out /  Making it so she has constant willpower means 2/3 turns she will be coming at me in force! When the Gordanians - a Citadel race - invaded the planet, the Tamaraneans ended up defending it for over an Earth century. It's not all bad though; a little bit of flora is visible within the Royal Castle - the only known architectural work of the Tamaraneans. The mid-dial ESD is problematic; if she is in hindering it is even more worrisome. The Tamaranians have generally been a peaceful race, never being the ones to instigate war. She mentions the Blorthog festival that is held on her home planet where friends exchange gifts to honor their bond with each other.

( Log Out /  It is probably best for us to go with a 1-2 punch of a close up attack to hit her to the STOP click and then range attack her from there since she exchanges ESD for CR and those close attacks will be hard to land on a natural 18.

RELATED: DC: 5 Marvel Villains That Starfire Would Get Along With (& 5 She Couldn't Stand). A decade later, the New Citadel Wars were sparked where the Gordanians and Psions managed to eradicate nearly the entire fleet of Tamaranians. The devastating invasion turned the planet's terrain purple and the only definitive landforms left were bare cliffs and rock formations. When we get to clicking through the dial, we see that it was, , pretty decent for a 100 point figure! These smaller families hold power over the much smaller city-states. And they did, unfortunately. Certainly some nostalgia for how well she always did for me as well as my liking the character but also for the price discount and point efficiency. The problem here is being able to spread out initially and then bunch up as we hit her. Exploiting Starfire’s Weaknesses Not to mention she has.

Are you picking up on the mixed vibes? So, pretty much, "Oh my X'Hal."

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