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On the other hand, Aveline, who is not known to be linked to Desmond's line, has the same mouth scar.

In the first season, a Minbari poet attacked by an Earth terrorist group refused to let the scar branded onto her forehead to be removed, insisting she should keep it as a reminder. In the time between Sequence 13 (one of the DLCs) and 14, Ezio grows a beard, which makes the scar even more visible since the scar stops hair from growing in that spot. Axl's shapeshifting works by copying the DNA (read: blueprints) of his targets, but somehow his morphs bear scars which his targets had (most notably, Another prominent example is Bass.exe from.

For example, when Númenor was destroyed for its blasphemy by the wrath of God, Sauron was present there in his beautiful form. Ultimate Doctor Doom zig-zags it.

Morphling's fellow infamously-broken creatures, Back in the old days, when the Internet was still not widely used and card lists were rare, some people talked about an ultra-rare "Throat Wolf" with, among other abilities, "firstest strike". In his case, the boulders crushing half his body left permanent imprints on that half even after Madara used White Zetsu parts to replace the pieces too far gone to be saved. with all the scars he got from attempting to protect Moka. Sam Uley's fiance, Emily, has three long, red scars running down the side of her face, a result of an unintentional attack by Sam, contorting her face slightly. Honda, in its sporty Civic Si model, decided for the 2012 model year to add an indicator light that lets the driver know when VTEC kicks in. Then Twitter of the network that employs both men. When Ofdensen returns from his faked death, he has a scar on his cheek that vanishes by the next episode. In addition to his missing hand, Jaime Lannister has several facial scars from his ordeal in the Riverlands. Just before she had been beaten to hell, had her, Obito/Tobi got his own scars during the same mission Kakashi got his. The scars on Gendo's hands, which he got from getting Rei out of her EVA after a failed test — without any protecting gloves. This had previously been a meme originating in a fan-sketch. The only reason he can still talk is possibly due to extremely supple throat muscles.

The scars on Gillecomgain's face, from when Demona struck him as a child, remained until his death some 40 years later. ", an odd grin... no... smile... on Shizune's face, that's the proper pluralization, not "Legos", Hipster Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine figures, Its sub-headline is "COWABUNGA IT IS?

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Zuko's iconic burn scar, as shown in the page image. He can heal any wound or disfigurement inflicted by anything except his own spiky projectiles. Speaking of Shanks, he has three scars across his right eye (although the eye itself is fine.

The subsequent cut on Miller's face is not makeup. He isn't ashamed of his scars at all, but doesn't like people to see them because he doesn't like the pity they express when they see them. Another example is Tabuki, who at one point we see with scarred fingers. Hisagi has claw marks on his face he got from a hollow when he was still a rookie. Presumably, this incident was the same one that, Scars in general, and their permanency, are a significant motif throughout the story; characters' scars are a device continuously used to demonstrate their sacrifices, mistakes, and losses, and, First off, Zoro. Harry has a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt. The White Trailer shows her receiving it in battle against a giant animated suit of armor, though there is some doubt as to the context of that scene, or even whether that scene actually happened or was just a metaphor. For a more minor example, Nami's backstory shows that she was kidnapped as a child after Arlong shot her adoptive mother Bell-mère. When he dies, he pulls it off and hands it to Randy Marsh as a sort of commander insignia. A few magical series may have the Healing Hands to completely cure or regenerate these wounds, but an author set on hurting their characters can find ways to avoid removing them. stabbed him with an arrow when they were hanging off a cliff, in a desperate attempt to make him let go of her hand... so as to make it more likely he'd make it to the top without the extra weight. Gunn from the Skipverse has a prominent facial scar.

In Spike's early appearances, it was a prominent part of his vampire makeup, and while it remained a part of it, for less attention was called to it over the seasons.

Lilly, being blind, can't see Shizune, and Shizune, being deaf-mute, cannot hear or respond to "Who's there? She uses them as a reminder to not become soft, as she believes her parents' death during the earthquake was her fault, a traumatic assault by upperclassmen involving a lit cigarette. Similarly, Leonardo in the same series (at least prior to Fast Forward) lost a segment of his shell which never healed. Evidence from other characters with the same healing factor (e.g.

Most notably Arcee, who lost her memory when Ratchet was forced to wipe it so she couldn't be interrogated. This trope applies to his armour too, which he leaves damaged, presumably to make him even more intimidating. Sun-Toucher, Leetah's father, has gone blind after looking at the sun too long too often but refuses to let his daughter restore his sight because he's quite comfortable getting by on his remaining senses.

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