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Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres called for dialogue. Under the Venezuelan Constitution, the President of Venezuela is the head of state and head of government of Venezuela.

During an interview with a Spanish journalist, also in June 2013, Elías Jaua claimed that Maduro was born in El Valle parish, in the Libertador Municipality of Caracas. "[150] Vox Media published an opinion entitled "How Venezuela went from a rich democracy to a dictatorship on the brink of collapse. Into the vacuum left by Chavez stepped Nicolás Maduro, his right-hand man. Ediciones de la Presidencia de la República.

This marked the beginning of the so-called Puntofijo Pact, which was characterized by the prevalence of the bipartidism of the two main political parties in the country at the time, Democratic Action and Copei. [85][86], Chávez's endorsement of Maduro sidelined Diosdado Cabello, a former vice president and powerful Socialist Party official with ties to the armed forces, who had been widely considered a top candidate to be Chávez's successor. 1965. ", "¿Maduro es colombiano? [274][275][276], Maduro won the 2018 election with 67.8% of the vote.

For example, For the purposes of numbering, a term is a period between two presidential elections. The president is directly elected through a popular vote to a six-year term. Maduro was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2006, and served under Chávez in that position until being appointed Vice President of Venezuela in October 2012, after the presidential elections. Political protesters have been detained without trial and opposition party lawmakers have been jailed. [18][19] The opposition-majority National Assembly declared Maduro a "usurper" of the presidency on the day of his second inauguration and disclosed a plan to set forth its president, Juan Guaidó as the succeeding acting President of the country under article 233 of the Venezuelan Constitution. The list below includes interim "caretaker" as well as regular serving presidents, and democratically installed presidents as well as those installed by other means (e.g.

[53], Maduro was raised as a Roman Catholic, although in 2012 it was reported that he was a follower of Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba and previously visited the guru in India in 2005. Maduro, por su candidatura a la reelección democrática y constitucional en Venezuela.

[104], In May 2017, Maduro proposed the 2017 Venezuelan Constituent Assembly election, which was later held on 30 July 2017 despite wide international condemnation. A second triumvirate followed on April 3, 1812 whose members were Francisco Espejo, Fernando Toro and Francisco Javier Ustariz.[2][3]. [195] Almagro sent a letter rebuking Maduro, and refuting the claim.   Military government (1). [79] According to Rory Carroll, Maduro did not speak any foreign languages while serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. [135], Maduro disputed Guaidó's claim and broke off diplomatic ties with several nations who recognized Guaidó's claim. Meanwhile at the border, Maduro's troops unleashed tear gas on Venezuelan residents and blocked truckloads of humanitarian aid.

Maduro later identified himself as a diplomat from the Venezuela government, but officials still escorted him to a room for conducting secondary screening.

[230] This occurred amid controversy over Maduro's gaining weight during the nationwide food and medicine shortage; with many on social media criticizing the publicly broadcast incident. [144], The Supreme Tribunal took over the legislative powers of the National Assembly in March, provoking the 2017 Venezuelan constitutional crisis; a Corrales opinion piece in the Washington Post asked, "What happens next for the dictatorship of President Nicolás Maduro?

[20][105] The United States sanctioned Maduro following the election, labeling him as a "dictator", preventing him from entering the United States. [22] During the 49th General Assembly of the Organization of American States, on 27 June, Guaidó's presidency was recognized by the organization.

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Foreign ties that were established by Chávez were also used by Maduro as he applied skills that he had learned while serving as a foreign minister.

«De Carabobo a Puntofijo: los Causahabientes». [171][175], In 2016 a group of Venezuelans asked the National Assembly to investigate whether Nicolás Maduro was Colombian in an open letter addressed to the National Assembly president Henry Ramos Allup that justified the request by the "reasonable doubts there are around the true origins of Maduro, because, to date, he has refused to show his birth certificate". [149] The Chicago Tribune editorial board wrote an opinion that "the Trump administration should harbor no illusions about Maduro, who appears bent on assuming the mantle of dictator. Romulo Betancourt served from 1959 until 1964. The 62 petitioners, including former ambassador Diego Arria, businessman Marcel Granier and opposition former military, assuring that according to the Colombian constitution Maduro is "Colombian by birth" for being "the son of a Colombian mother and for having resided" in the neighboring country "during his childhood". [198] When meeting with Latin American leaders during the seventy-second session of the UN General Assembly, President Donald Trump discussed possible United States military intervention in Venezuela, to which they all denied the offer. [131][132][133] The Supreme Tribunal rejected the National Assembly decisions,[38] while the Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela in exile welcomed Guaidó as interim president. He was appointed to a number of positions under President Hugo Chávez and was described in 2012 by the Wall Street Journal as the "most capable administrator and politician of Chávez's inner circle". Despite holding the world's largest oil reserves, Venezuela's debt exploded and inflation intensified the stress on an already poor economy. In April 2016 during a cadena nacional, Maduro changed his birthplace narrative once more, saying that he was born in Los Chaguaramos, specifically in Valle Abajo, adding that he was baptized in the San Pedro church. [84], Chávez appointed Maduro Vice President of Venezuela on 13 October 2012, shortly after his victory in that month's presidential election. As speaker of the National Assembly, Guiadó was appointed acting president in January in front of thousands of supporters. [117] The report found the violence was carried out especially in Venezuela's poor neighborhoods, and included "8,292 extrajudicial executions carried out between 2015 and 2017". © 2019 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. The presidential elections, whose original electoral date was scheduled for December 2018, was subsequently pulled ahead to 22 April before being pushed back to 20 May. «Iglesia y Estado en Venezuela (1824-1964)».

[242] The Venezuelan government claims the event was a targeted attempt to assassinate Maduro, though the cause and intention of the explosions is debated. Shoichet, Catherine E.; Ford, Dana (5 March 2013). My firm opinion, as clear as the full moon – irrevocable, absolute, total – is ... that you elect Nicolas Maduro as President. The Assembly elected him as Speaker, a role he held from 2005 until 2006. [119] The Economist wrote that Venezuela had also obtained "extra money from selling gold (both from illegal mines and from its reserves) and narcotics".

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