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edd phone number for employers

Thanks for the tip...I also called the Vietnamese number while I was trying this but that number just hung up on me too. Praise God. California Unemployment

I called the Spanish phone number and was able to talk to somebody in about 3 mins (fortunately I also speak Spanish). And they will switch to english.

Thank you sir! Are there any other options that might be available? The lady who helped me spoke perfect English and she was super helpful.. great, it took me only 4 minutes and sure the lady was so polite and help full that I was amassed not the same when I been spoken whit other people, thanks very much ! I live in San Francisco, I dialed (213) 477-1405 which is an LA office. Just called in today, 05/28/13, and it worked!! I just tried it and it worked! I called again and was able to reach another representative, he speaks perfect english and was very polite and helpful, he answered all my questions and advice me on what to do. So, I'd give the 213 477 1405 number a shot. You are officially through when it says "Your wait time is..." GREAT TRICK!!!!!! Just to let you know, this 213 office is in the LA area. Thank you! Hopefully I get it tomorrow or Friday. Any other time I would have driven over to the office but because of child support and me missing 1 payment, they suspended my license.

I hope this helps!!! Not everyone is made to do this, ( the other few that were laid off with me have never received this type of request, so if that could be explained as well, it would be appreciated.) Also, When you dial, you'll hear one of two messages. They will speak in Vietnamese when they answer. Extension no dumbass your employer pays for ui not you. :). He said I should be fine, just waiting on ID verification to finish.

Now I just hope she does what she said she would do!! wait for message to start, then press 7 The only problem is my unemployment was supposed to be until September of this year and he said they were paid up until Feb 4th. Thanks so much! Cynthia Cress. I started this past Monday trying to get through to EDD. Believe me I've tried. Applying online or webclaim is the easiest way with fast response. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Phone #651-296-3644 busy just busy for 2 days straight,, called 651-296-6141 automated line that states high call volume, call cant be completed and hangs up. will hear music while waiting to speak to a rep

It took about 30 minutes in total but it worked. *** This may be the key, I live in a rural area of California. Then my 3rd extension can start. Just called the 213-477-1405 number repeatedly until 12pm when someone picked up! 707-464-8347 (not a long term situation ~ but unable to work a day or two here and there due to cold weather) There fore this person would be filing for a day or two vs long term). This does work!

So the frustration of EDD's changes and Bank of America's EDD card is a waste of energy at this moment.

great help michelle. I've also tried the "direct" line and the "employer" line with the same results. That our payments are lost in limbo till they get off their bureaucratic butts and figure out how to map BofA back into EDD???? wait for message to start...enter SSN Thanks to whometer posted this first...IT STILL WORKS IN 2020!. and she said yes and proceeded to help me in very good english and was very friendly.


Calling 800-547-2058 worked thank God.. I should be able to do it online tomorrow to get paid for that one week, if not then I have to contact her back tomorrow and it will get fixed. The lady answered in English saying "EDD" & I told her my issue. The odds are better that you will get through on this line so keep trying. didn't say a word, just transferred me to someone within a few seconds a woman (of course with attitude) who I think was ESL (but not judging) was able to assist me and give me the information I needed...7 minutes and change! Box 488 Montpelier, 05601-0488 Thank you to whoever made this website! I can understand your situation. By phone choose English,… Read More » Unemployment Total life saver!!! Thanks to whoever posted this number. STAY ON THE LINE, PRESS NO BUTTONS!!!!!!!

I've literally been calling the 5616 number for six weeks and it has NEVER WORKED. None of these tricks have worked for me today. Mary I hope I get blessed like you did. But that was two months after I'd emailed them, so I don't count it. Modoc Co., Alturas: 530- 233-4161 She was very helpful and said she would have it mailed. As soon as you hear "Welcome to EDD," immediately press either 1-3-0 OR 1-2-1-1-7.

I tried this and the Vietnamese bitch hung up on me! I wish you all well and success also. this year and I no longer will receive benefits. I missed my interview and the Vietnamese lady spoke English and transfered me to my interviewer to finish it! One says "Thank you for calling .

It's unfortunate we have to go through these sorts of channels to get things done. I called today through this number after being super frustrated because I could not get through on the main line. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. It might hang up once they transferred you, but call back again. It rings again. Idiot and the racists comments aren't necessary but this tricked works and my ask and dob and name was taken and my benefits restored the call took all of five minutes thanks for the.smart,fast,helpful tip!☺. I was done in 20 minutes! I was on and off the phone in less than 6 minutes! Thanks for the tip! *** TL;DR Then at first some one answered in a different language.

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