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the adventure class 11

The chapter is a science fiction where the writer tries to show the convergence of the three different subjects but in reality, it employs different methodologies.

When the train was in Kalyan, it moved at high speed. To assist you with that, we are here with notes. Ans: This statement was said by Rajendra to Professor Gaitonde. “So, imagine many world pictures.

Rajendra answered that he didn’t know why he made the transition but he could guess it. The ghat section that followed was no different from what he knew. As he was going through the book, the librarian told him to finish since they were closing the library.

By the way, when do you open?”. But the audience was in no mood to listen. Up to this period history was as he knew it. The Adventure CBSE Class 11 NCERT English (Hornbill Book) Lesson 7 - Detailed explanation of the Lesson ‘The Adventure’ along with the meanings of difficult words. And what you have shown me on that torn page is the course taken by the battle, when the bullet missed Vishwasrao.

You are going for the first time, I presume?” Khan Sahib asked. All I know is that I was found in the Azad Maidan in the morning. He was visibly moved. According to him, in catastrophic situations, different alternatives can exist and somewhere the observer can experience one reality one at a time. He was experiencing different realities one at a time. The East India Company, which had been watching these developments from the sidelines, got the message and temporarily shelved its expansionist programme. He narrated the whole sequence of events that took place and Rajendra listened to him amazed. Dadasaheb was assigned to a lower rank and he retired from state politics. He entered the Forbes building in the Home Street.

But the audience soon found voice. Among the manipulated accounts, he found the three-line account about Vishwarao and how he was killed. It is nothing like that my mind was playing tricks with me. For: A single event may change the course of the history of a nation. To win the argument, the professor took out the printed page and Rajendra was surprised.

Looking around he noticed that he was the only reader left in that magnificent hall. “I wish to meet Mr Vinay Gaitonde, please,” he said to the English receptionist. 3. He was unconscious in the hospital for the next two days but he was in an alternate world having a real-life experience of many things which were not true in the real world where he actually lives. Instead, there were Boots and Woolworth departmental stores, imposing offices of Lloyds, Barclays and other British banks, as in a typical high street of a town in England. (ii) Reality is what is directly experienced through the senses. As he read on, Gangadharpant began to appreciate the India he had seen. That was the surest way of finding out how the present state of affairs was reached. In the Battle of Panipat, the Marathas gave in to the forces of Ahmed Shah Abdali. Studyrankers is a free educational platform for cbse k-12 students. Gradually, the country was was overtaken by the foreign forces. That is, assuming that in this world there existed someone called Rajendra Deshpande! It happened due to the lack of determinism in quantum theory and catastrophic theory. The Professor added an example of planets and sun. He noticed the last volume, it had some changes. He came to know that Marathas had won the Battle of Panipat. He told him that it is the lack of determinism in Quantum theory and explained to him what it meant. You neither travelled to the past nor to the future. “Now look at this.” Gangadharpant produced his own copy of Bhausahebanchi Bakhar, opened at the relevant page. In the story The Adventure it is mentioned how in the beginning Prof. Gaitonde was preparing a speech on what course the history would have taken if the Marathas had won the Battle of Panipat. Rajendra explained to him that it happened because of two theories – Catastrophe theory and lack of determinism in Quantum theory.

In the nineteenth century these de facto rulers from Pune were astute enough to recognise the importance of the technological age dawning in Europe. So, go ahead and check the Important Notes for CBSE Class 11 English The Adventure from this article. Ans: The lack of determinism means the inability of the scientist to know where the electron would move. The Professor asked him whether there are any contacts between these many worlds.

“Facts? To assist you with that, we are here with notes. Candidates who are pursuing in CBSE Class 11 English are advised to revise the notes from this post. We sense our reality with our taste buds, hearing, seeing, smelling and a sense of touch. They no longer believed the chaired person and his false promises.

The story is an account of real events. When he was hit by the truck, he was thinking about Catastrophe theory and its role in the war. And, luckily for me, the page contains vital evidence.” Rajendra again read the page. When he hit the truck, the neurons in his brain made the transition. But the book got torn off and lost in the large crowd in the Azad Maidan.

The Mughal rulers were no longer a carving on the rubber stamps. No one knows whether he survived or died. This explained to us how history and science converged.

Electrons can move to any direction at any point in time. For political reasons, the Peshwas kept the puppet Mughal regime alive in Delhi. He wanted to know how the current situation of India by studying various events. “See the tiny Union Jack painted on each carriage? So, history had taken a different turn, perhaps before 1857. He decided to walk towards Azad Maidan. Assertion – a confident statement of a fact, Determinism – a doctrine that all the events are caused by the external will. Compare it with the adventure described in ‘We’re Not Afraid to Die...’.

She shook her head and said, “I am afraid I can’t find anyone of that name either here or in any of our branches. The sight stirred him to the depths. He took five books related to the history and decided to go through them one by one and check how the facts had changed. It roared through Kalyan. The audience was in no mood to listen to anything. Maybe he was thinking about the Battle of Panipat at that moment the neurons in his brain acted as a trigger and made the transition. He had to find out.

But here in a different world, the reality was different.

Professor replied that he was thinking about Catastrophe theory. The professor was talking to Rajendra. “Like planets around the sun...” Gangadharpant interjected. He was confused as to how history took a turn. His attention was on the stage. The Mughal Sultanate at Delhi survived the transitions as they had no influence. The Professor added similar statements are made about Battle of Waterloo where several texts talk about ‘it might have been’. After the war, the Marathas established superiority in the northern Indian region which also worked as a great confidence booster for them. Professor added ‘the lack of determinism’ which means lack of a doctrine caused by external will.

That page in the book described the Battle of Panipat, and it mentioned that the Marathas won it handsomely.

He kept on trying bravely but the audience started moving towards him to remove him physically from the platform. At the time of the collision, the professor was thinking about catastrophe theory and its role in the war. Absent-mindedly, he also shoved the Bakhar into his left pocket. 3. In state no.1 we have the electron in a state of higher energy. Gangadharpant could not help comparing the country he knew what he was witnessing around him. In state no.2 it is in a state of lower energy. Now, where exactly did I spend those two days when I was absent from here?”. (i) to meet a partner who has similar tastes, (iii) to meet someone who is equally able as oneself, A. Rajendra read it carefully and told him that realities can be different for different people.

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